14 ways to become a successful Content Marketer

To succeed in the content making world, you have to be a publisher. What I meant is that, you have to think like a journalist/publisher of a magazine/newspaper/editorial.

Go forth by thinking like a publisher, this will help a marketer like you get beyond that blank white page and start thinking like a true content professional.

and there are 14 ways for you to be that content king/queen, you must:

  1. Know your audience – selecting topics and tailoring messaging is a whole lot easier, when you know who’s on the receiving end.
  2. Define key themes and messages – do not focus on your product, service or business here, but do some thinking as to how it relates to an audience’s real world concerns.
  3. Establish Frequency – You may not need to blog, tweet or status update every day, but once per month is probably not adequate. Create a schedule for content updates, and adhere to it.
  4. Create a detailed editorial calendar – A local newspaper features dining and food every Wednesday, an expanded sports section on Fridays and home on Mondays. Mapping a type of content to your frequency framework is a great step, get it?
  5. Develop regular features and rubrics – This keeps the readers coming back for more… it is featuring the highlight of the week, horoscopes, weather and quotes are just a few down-and-dirty ideas to keep the flow of content constantly bubbling.
  6. Conversational – If your ideas are drying up, talk to people! Discussing with people different topics can give you enlightment and ideas.
  7. Go multimedia – Content is not limited to text alone. Create fun images, worthy photos, videos and audio files, go expand your content offerings!
  8. Enlist expert contributors and provide them with guidelines – Everyone wants to hear from an expert from time to time. Don’t be afraid to feature influencers that would benefit your brand/service.
  9. Create user-generated content – A little bit of politeness asking from your audience is a whole new route to ensure content can be created not by just yourself. Go ask questions, do polls and make sure you get their thoughts.
  10. Opine and Editorialize – Content creator thinks they are obliged to be the first to break the news. To tell you the truth, this is not a winning strategy, the internet world is too big and news travels at a fiber optic speed, it will never easy to get the exclusive scoop, by the time you are typing it, someone else is reading another article. Leave that to the pro’s and those people who’s just is to get “exclusive reports”. Divest yourself and establish your brand as the “thought” leader, not as a deadline.
  11. Turn on comments and Feedback – This is the platform of participation, a gauge of how wll you’re doing – what excites and interest your audience, and will doubtless feed in ideas for shaping and improving future content. Always communicate with your audience, but don’t ever lecture or preach.
  12. Listen – set topic alerts that is relevant to your theme. Get out there and participate in what others are doing and saying within the arena.
  13. Recycle – nurture and evolve your ideas. Using the same ideas with different execution is one way to go, because everything now evolves.
  14. Capture – publishing has always been a form of lead-generation. Use graphics, images, videos and any other material to get those attention.

So, are you ready to be the king/queen in content marketing?

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