7 Simple Steps to Spark Content Ideas

Producing original content is the main problem of the content marketers such as myself. That is why in the marketing world, content curation was born.

What does curation means? It means “the action or process of selecting, organizing, and looking after the items in a collection or exhibition.”

The consistently creating and publishing content is a full time job and can be very draining, that is why I listed 7 simple steps on how you can spark up your brain to create ideas for you to curate to be able to create your very own content:

  1. Set up RSS feeds for keywords and phrases to automate delivery of web content that is potentially of interest.
  2. Read relevant trade publications, newspaper and magazines.
  3. Subscribe to trade organizations and competitors publications to spark new ideas.
  4. Attend trade shows and conferences.
  5. Gather research and data by doing surveys.
  6. Listen to the news/headlines.
  7. Communicate with real people, they are the market!

Content curating comes with a set of obligations, ethical, moral and legality. As content marketers, we should always respect copyrights – be mindful that most editorial sites have published guidelines regarding the reuse of their content, so make sure to peruse them.

Curation and aggregation needn’t be merely collecting and cataloging a bunch of links, abstracts and headlines. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with writing a brief paragraph and putting your own spin on an external article or story. In fact, I would suggest that you mix 1 original piece per week, plus 12 curated items of content for the mileage.

Curating and aggregating third-party content obviously requires less commitment on the creation side, than does conjuring a steady stream of original content. Nevertheless, there’s still a commitment of time, resources and setting up procedures to mine and sift through sources. So content curating is a no jest.

In short, to spark that brain for you to be able to create a content, you have to be out there.

Are you ready to create your content now?

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