Utility Content

The internet is big and being able to find the right information at the right time is the most powerful thing now. Giving information is the key and the internet is where consumers turn for information.

When most people think that content is just written, visual or audio, I suggest you use a “Utility Content”.

Rather than just selling, companies are starting to share knowledge, expertise and how-to; Utility content is the perfect tool for it.

Utility content is a tool that count as a content in the Digital Marketing world. It is a very useful content that drives traffic. It can be educational, informative, helpful, entertaining or interactive and above all, useful!

Some samples I can give you guys, for you to be familiar with “Utility Content” are the following: the loan calculator that you see in a bank website, those fat/BMI calculator on those health websites, the create your own computer specifications or simply the NIKE+ where you can create and customize your own NIKE shoes – This apps makes people come back to you, and they will surely remember your brand and your website.

Remember how many times you visited Lazada to check your shipping rates or shipping speed? This tools are samples of “Utility Content”.

Utility Content is answering the questions “what do your customers need to do, find, know, learn or understand” to get closer to your being able to fulfil their need. It’s your job as a content creator to figure that out and provide the utility to get them there.

Those apps not only aids the decision making, but also helps bring prospects closer to purchasing.

What utility content would you think would be helpful for your business?

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