Creating a voice with your Marketing Content

Creating a voice in your marketing content is like a handshake when you seal a deal.

In creating your online marketing content you should create a voice that’s human and genuine; those two qualities should form the basis of the way you as a marketer addresses your online audience.

Your voice will represent your brand, so make sure to talk to your audience the way you want to be remembered.

For example, do you remember the time you ordered a venti mocha frappe in Starbucks? Do you still remember the tone they use when they greet you to take your order? That is a voice! – that warm “hello” with a smile.

The trick is to talk the way you talk with your customers on a daily basis, you want to capture their eyes and heart, so you should be less concerned with being too formal and correct, you just have to connect with them on an engaging, personal level.

In that case, you’d have no problem resorting to the common social media abbreviations (LOL!) and emoticons that people loves to see – make them smile!

Here are a few things an online voice should not sound like:

  1. A formal newspaper article
  2. A legal counselling
  3. An instruction manual
  4. A senior thesis
  5. A sales brochure
  6. A commercial

One thing about enlisting a paid spokesperson is that, you’re very much on the verge of advertising rather than practicing content marketing.

So make sure to talk the way you want to be heard 🙂

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