How to identify your Keywords for Search Optimization?

Keyword is the key to make your brand stand out in the world wide web; implement it strongly, optimize your written copy with it, is the most crucial part of any SEO initiative.

There are a few free keyword research tool that you can use, one of which is bing. Bing differs to Google because they will only require you to sign up as an advertiser, but you won’t have to run an ad to use it.

SEO Keywords

So here’s a few steps to create your set of keywords:

First thing to do is list down words/key phrases that your clients/customers would likely use when searching for your product/service. The trick is to be specific and forget the broad term such as “bags” and replace it to “clutch bags” – this is also called the long-trail keywords that is more popular now-a-days.

The next thing to do is to determine how useful these terms really are by using a keyword research tool; the information you’ll get with the tool should narrow down the selections to a final list of keywords/phrases.

Once your keywords are finalized, create a spreadsheet that will help you visualise at a glance each word or phrase’s conversion rate, search volume and competition. This is also where you will document of what words/keys you have used in the past, so you won’t repeat it again in the future – unless it works for you!

That’s basically it. Creating a set of keywords may seem to be easy but finding the right and appropriate one that would give you high rewards isn’t as easy as it looks like.

Always keep in mind of the keywords characteristics, for you to know the best keywords to be used for your business:

  1. It should have a strong relevance to what you do and what you offer
  2. It should have a relatively high search volume
  3. It should have a relatively low competition

Good luck in creating your first set of keywords!

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