How to Optimize your Website in the Search Result

Nothing matters more in a search engine optimization than content; content plays a huge factor in the technical aspects, as does of the site architecture.

While the site structure, code and feel plays a big part when it comes to curating your website, but nothing beats the content; content is the alpha and omega of those efforts – write up, company information, product description, product name will play a role in your websites SEO and a better way to keep up is to know your keywords, because search engines can only crawl, index and understand text – not images, videos, podcast, photos or any type of graphic or multimedia; although photos can be named and that also helps with the SEO.

Bear in mind that search engines rewards high quality, original content more virtually than anything else out there.

Always take note that you should make sure that your content is well-aligned for static websites and that you put content and updates for dynamic website, that is why aggregation content is fine.

Another approach that will help you stand out is to follow relevant sites, blogs, online video channels and social networking presence in your particular vertical and to comment on them with appropriate and relevant content linking back to you, but be careful, as not all websites are open with you linking.

that’s the very basic information that you should know when building a website, stay tuned as the next blog will be very useful for you!

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