Introduction: B2B Digital Marketing

Digital marketing.

Online marketing.

Internet marketing.

Web marketing.

Whatever you want to call it, it is all about marketing to current and potential customers online, via the “internet”

Marketing is not just about print ads and trade shows anymore; marketing today has to incorporate websites, search engines, email, blogs and social networks. that makes a lot more work than existed a decade prior, but a lot more opportunities especially for business-to-business marketers.

The difference of digital marketing from the traditional marketing are the channels you use to relay your message. With digital marketing you use internet-based media, such as websites, email and social networks.

You also have to consider the difference about these marketing channels. Because let’s face it, placing a keyword-targeted pay-per-click (PPC) ad on a search engine results page is a bit different from placing a print ad in an industry trade publication.

Digital marketing matters to B2B business for two reasons:

1. Because your competitors are doing it – if a competitor has constructed a successful digital marketing program, they not only has realized a more effective way to contact existing customers, but also is out there in places you aren’t trying to attract new customers. There is nothing worse than being second in line to reach a new customer.

2. Because your customers expect you to do it – more and more buyers are going online to research new purchases. 71% of the B2B purchases started with a web search. Buyers appreciate the ease of finding information online, as well as the amount of information available. Buyers are becoming better educated as to the options available and saving time by doing things quicker and easier online.

Bottom line is that the business professionals you want to reach can be found online. Those purchaser you have been running after can be found online, true or true? that is why B2B business must also have a digital marketing program, because you can and have to reach your potential buyers online.

Not only that digital marketing improves customer relationships. B2B companies are embracing digital marketing, because it works! Not only that, it works in a way that traditional media don’t.

The chief benefit of digital marketing is the ability to establish a one-on-one connection with your customers and targeted prospects; not only do you talk to them, but they have the unique opportunity to talk back to you, and on a regular basis.

The direct communication is particularly valuable to B2B companies, where your audience is typically smaller and more influential. It’s enabled by digital marketing tools. It’s not something you can replicate with old school print or broadcast marketing media.

For a B2B business owner, now is the time to rethink your marketing mix. You need to shift your budget from traditional marketing channels to digital marketing channels, even if that means taking some risks and abandoning (or decreasing the importance of) channels that have worked well for you in the past. If you want to remain successful in the B2B space, you can’t ignore the fundamental changes that are resulting from your customers embrace of the internet. To keep pace, you have to adapt -and that means adopting digital media post haste.

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