Does B2B Businesses Needs a Website?

I only mean that you migrate from old school literature to modern website, but only if you think you need it. if you think you don’t need it, read more…

What do you provide when potential customers request for more information about your business/services? Do you just want to get their contact info, so that your salespeople can do their thing? but do you realize that a lot of times, buyers just want the information and not the contact – just like the time you changed your number when you inquired for something, and they ask you for your contact information. c’mon! let us be real.

In the old days, you probably mailed inquiring customers some sort of product literature—a brochure or two, maybe a fact sheet, maybe even a white paper. That’s all good stuff, but they cost money to design and print, and even more money to mail. Plus, there’s a time lag between when a prospect requests that information and when he or she receives it.

In the digital world you can provide some, if not all your current product information—and more—on your website. Fewer brochures to print, less information to mail, no more waiting for the customer to receive it all. Your customers get immediate gratification (and potentially more information than before) and you get lower costs. What’s not to like?

“The most important digital marketing tool is the one that virtually every customer of the B2B business will utilize: your website”

Your website is your online face of your company, it will reflect what you are, what you do and how you do it. A bad website will turn off potential customers, whereas an outstanding website will create new and loyal customers.

A website is not just an important component of your digital marketing mix, it’s the hub for all your online activities, marketing and otherwise. Everything else you do – blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Youtube videos – builds on what you do on your website, they are all subsidiary components to your website presence.

Your site’s content and design should fit in holistically with all your other marketing activities. Your customer should find a similar experience when they visit your site, as they do when they view an ad in a trade magazine. Everything should work in harmony, like a band playing a song.

The entire process needs to be factored into the equation.

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