Can B2B Businesses Forget about Trade Advertising?

Do you have what it takes to migrate from trade advertising to web advertising?

Many B2B businesses spend a chunk of change on advertisements in a variety of trade and industry publications – fine and dandy; these magazines and journals are highly targeted and often deliver good results.

But you might be able, however, to generate similar results at a fraction of the cost you are spending by migrating some or all of your trade advertising to web/online advertisement. Instead of taking out an ad in an industry-specific magazine, you can place a banner ad on an industry-specific website. In most instances, you’re reaching the same or similar customers, and web ads typically cost less than print ads. In addition, you’re likely to generate direct results which you can track from your web advertisement, and besides, we all know that results are much more difficult to track in print advertising.

Another important component of most digital marketing plans is the online advertisement. You can advertise with Google, Yahoo!, Bing, other major search engines, social media and LinkedIn, where you just typically create a pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement and pay only when the ad is clicked by a customer. Yes! you don’t have to pay for the placement itself.

It’s the true that online/web advertisement are results-oriented advertising, which is really good to generate leads. Faster and more targeted leads!

For me, it is a good way for B2B companies actually. So if you are ready, go ahead and take a leap now!

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