Can B2B Businesses STOP doing “Cold Calls”?

Are you ready to stop “cold calling” your potential customers? If no, read more on why you should migrate from doing “cold calls” to Search Engine Marketing! – only if you are ready and equipped.

In the old days, cold calling was the nature of the day for sales people; they have to reach out to potential customers by following a list of potential leads. Let us be real here, cold calling all those leads results to mostly wasted time and money, because you’re lucky to get 1% of those leads to actually convert.

However with digital marketing it is the other way around, potential new customers will seek you out—by clicking on your website in Google search results. Business customers are becoming more proactive, which means they’re using technology to seek out information and possible suppliers. All you need is a “good well set up-ed” website and when those “possible” leads go searching, they’ll find your company.

Having potential customers contact you is a heck of a lot more productive than having your sales force do a lot of cold calling. If you work your website correctly, you can encourage or require visitors to provide their contact information. You, then, pass this contact information onto your sales force, and now they’re calling better qualified buyers who’ve already expressed an interest in your company, products, and services. Does that sound a lot better than cold calling?

Remember that your company’s online home base will always be your website, which serves as a vehicle for attracting new customers via search. That is why it is very important that your site needs to rank high in the search results when business buyers search for topics related to your products and services. This is called search engine optimization (SEO) and is a major factor in website design and content creation. It is important to design and create your web content in ways that the search engines find attractive – the better optimization, the higher it will appear in those search results. It’s that simple – and that difficult. Because you can’t buy your way to the top of the search results, you have to obtain your ranking via hard work, smarts and skills.

Search engine marketing is a major component of most B2B digital marketing plans. It’s also an ongoing component; you have to constantly tinker with your site to maintain a high search ranking. That makes search engine marketing a bit time-consuming, but well worth the effort.

Now, will you switch your efforts from cold calling to search engine marketing? If yes, hit the like button below and stay tuned because the next blog will be about how advertising online for B2B businesses affect the company. Don’t forget to follow my blog page, facebook page and instagram account, which you will find in the contact page.

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