Can B2B Business Stop Direct Mail?

How do you let your customers know when something new or important is happening? If you’re like most B2B companies, you either send out a newsletter or similar mailing, or have your salespeople do some calls.

Those approaches are now extremely old school. Todays cutting-edge for B2B companies are using social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, to notify customers with important events and happenings. Instead of sending out a barrage of calls or direct mail to announce a price reduction, for example, you simply tweet about it on Twitter and include the news in a post to your Facebook page. It’s instant communication that often has more impact than more traditional methods.

And since B2B marketing is all about establishing and maintaining relationships, the way to do that in the online world is to do email marketing or newsletters.

You can send out weekly or monthly emails describing your current specials or new products; you can even send out individual emails alerting customers when they need to re-order, however you use it, you use email to push your message via email directly to customers inbox. It’s a lot harder to ignore a targeted email message than it is a web page ad.

The key to successful email marketing is to send out emails with information that directly benefit your customer base. If you provide them with something useful, you’ll get a good return on your efforts.

You can reduce your direct mail costs by shifting your mailings to the Internet. Instead of sending all your flyers, newsletters, and catalogs via postal mail, you instead send them to your customer list via email. Sending an email message is essentially free; although you still have some design and management costs, you reduce your printing and mailing costs to near zero. Plus, your customers receive your mailings immediately, rather than waiting days or weeks for the post office to do its thing. There’s much benefit to this particular migration.

Now is the best time to have that “subscribe” button in your website and start using them.

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