Website Curation

Website making has never been easy. A lot of people make mistakes that website making is just making a site, just for the sake of being on the internet, THAT IS ONE HUGE MISTAKE.

Creating a website needs a whole lot more than just the design and being online.

Let us bring your dream online presence come true.

Facebook & Instagram Content

Creating a content is very time consuming. It also needs creativity and the right knowledge for it to work the way you want it.

Most businesses would like to focus more on the business development, especially when they are just a start up company.

Make time for more task.

Online Customer Support

This plays a crucial role in the online marketing. Your content will be useless if you miss on giving importance on this part.

Since social media now is the go to place of all people, making sure you attend to your customers on this part has been a MUST.

You can do this manually or automated.

Email Marketing

This has been a norm for all business. It is a way to support your marketing and making sure that the audience receive the news.

Whether it is a new product, service or just letting them know about your upcoming promo/sale.

Let us catch their attention by working on the right content and sending the mail at the right time.

Online Shop Management

A wide array of product to be managed online is crucial.

Making sure the product photo and description is updated and correct, takes a huge amount of time and for small/growing businesses – time is very important.

Let us handle your online shop, making sure it is always updated and is on its tip-top shape.

Graphic Layout

Every one has an idea, but not everyone knows how to do graphic design editing/lay-outing.

Whether it is a company profile, brochure, electronic invitation, website banner, shop banner, calling card, price sheet and any layout that you will need.

Leave this to the professional and be amazed!

Facebook/Instagram Ads with Insights or Google Ads with Google Analytics

Online advertisement just grows from time to time. You have to be updated all the time to make sure you are utilising every cent you are spending.

It also takes time to do trial and error and to make sure that you progress as you do your ads, let me do the testing and see what works for you.


I offer social media, website or over-all digital marketing consultancy.

You may have a problem with your current and you need someone to look beyond for it to be fixed or you have an incoming event and you want to maximise the use of the internet.

A person who is unbiased and will tell you what you lack is something every business owners needs. leave it to the expert.

“don’t get left behind”